Comission Bergebo Barnehage

galleryTo move. An adventure" is expressing the joy I feel when I walk into a kindergarden, a space for play. On the wall by the entrance two children jump, their hair flying. They are surrounded by animals and plants. Plants are interesting because they have the poetry of construction. The rythmic variety with beautiful details. Animals are often central when children play. They host all the feelings of humans in the old stories of most cultures as well is in contemporary books for children.

When you walk down the stairs you turn arround corners and new figures meet you. On the largest wall a child balance on a thin line, the younger sister watching. A colony of butterflies fly between them. To walk up the stair is another journey. The figurative pictures with human beings in two different scales (human size and minature) set the fantasy n motion and make you find your own stories.

Comission Bergebo Barnehage

The work was comissioned by Oslo Kommune for Bergebo Barnehage in 2012

Photos by Jenny Simm and Ulrika Berge





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