Myths /symbols and their way of working with different levels of experience is interesting. I use my life as starting point and try to say something about being. Relationsships interest me, as a theme but also asa physical experience in an exhibition space. My exhibitions are landscapes you walk into. It is a physical experince of being. My flowers are very light so if you walk up to them they start turning. I have explored this movement further in larger mobiles where a group of flowers can dance through a room. They interact with you.

Since the year 2000 I have worked with drawings in the air. I sew ordinary sewing thread together with itself it becomes a drawing in the air. Something very ordinary become someting else, it´s magic. The work has a fragile beauty. Transperency, light and shadow is important.working

When walking in forest or swimming in water I watch the small details. The leaves evolving. The world of Insects. The light in water. The surface from below. I find the construction of things beautiful. Beauty is a mystery in life. We respond to beauty with emotion. I think my work is about beauty, emotion and the changing of things.

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  1. Nicole

    Hello Ulrika, 
    It is a lovely thing to have stumbled (lightly) across your work on the internet through the Swedish Fiber website. I am currently on exchange from Canada to Stenebyskolan in Dals Langed. 
    I am working currently with free-motion embroidery in a project and since you have amazed me with your skill at this, I thought maybe I could email you more personally with some detailed questions on this topic. It would be a wonderful help since I am struggling a little bit with the machine and material, but am smitten with the effect. 
    Thank you kindly. Hope you are well! 
    Let me know if you are exhibiting in Sweden any time before the new year because I would love to make the visit before I return home. 
    Keep well,

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