Konstnärshuset 8/11 – 26/11 2014

In november 2014 I showed two scupltures at the small Gallery at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. The waterlilylike VATTENVÄXTER surround you when you walk into the room. It is as if you walk into a painting of Monet. When you walk through the work your body move air and everything start turning. The round green leaves float around while the flowers turn slowly. Shadows dance. It gives a feeling of fluidity, like water.

vattenvaxter konstnarshuset overblick

Further into the room the work FLOS ARTICALIS take place. Five flowers are connected through a network of roots and cables. Like humans they shift between different ways of being: They turn inwards, close as buds, drawing energy from inside, retreating – or they open wide, available for impressions, blossom with full expression. Life is a dance with different rythms, we turn inward or outward or keep our focus on both at the same time.

ulrika berge work

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