Embroidery Exhibition in Södertälje 10/11 2012 – 27/1 2013

An exhibition of contemporary, traditional and experimental embroidery. Young artists along with artist who have explored this medium for years, as well as some historical pieces.
I show an installation of large flowers which move slowly, closing and opening. Shadows create a moving drawing on the wall.
Participating Artists:
Anna Sjons Nilsson
Anna-Lena Rydberg
Birgit Nygren
Clas Mikael Svensson
Christina Åbrink
Elizabet Christiansson
Evelina Sjöström
Gunilla Wänn
Jennie McMillen
Jonas Karén
Lolitta Nedoman
Per Fhager
Teresa Oscarsson
Ulrika Berge
Timelapse documentation:


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