Working Together in Herning

galleryPhotos by Sonja Larsen

In 2009 I was invited  to a Herning. During two weeks ten Artists met and worked together at Textilforum, the Danish Museum Center for Textile industry and Design. We had the possiblility to use the machinery in the museum and there was plenty of studiospace to work in. The goal was to explore artistic possibilities working with textiles. We did some excursion to interesting spots in and around Herning but spent most time working on our projects and talking. For lunch and dinner we gathered around the lovely food of Sonja Larsen who cooked especially for us. The whole event was very well organized by Helen Lykke-Möller for the Region Midtjylland.  It was wonderful to have focused worktime in a setting together with others.

I made my first large mobile of dancing flowers and built a field of small flowers where I used a textile material that was produced by a machine from the fifties which made sanitary pads. Parts of sanitary pads were transformed to flowers. Instead of cotton filling they were filled with eggs.

Participating Artist:
• Astrid Holm (Danmark)
Borghild Rudjord Unneland (Norge)
• Helle Trolle (Danmark)
• Jászberényi Matild (Ungarn)
• Ji Hong Zhang (Kina)
Kirsten Schou-Jørgensen (Danmark)
Krystyna Dyrda-Kortyka (Polen)
Lotte Kjær (Danmark)
• Merete Erbou Laurent (Danmark)
• Ulrika Berge (Sverige)


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