Teaching Experience

Drawing of Ulrika Teaching

As a teenager in the eighties I assisted an artist Karin Boij who held drawing/painting courses for children in mixed agegroups (6-13). After some years with her I started a group of my own but found out that handling the social side of a group of children was too much for me at that early age. One of the children drew this picture of me. I think she caught my joy but also my feeling of being too small.

Working with Children

Ten years later, as a 25 years old artist leaving Art Academy, it was a great joy to come back to this type of work. Working with children is interesting because things happen and if you let their creative energy loose there is no limits. During 1998- 2002 I worked in different settings: A longer project at a Pre-school where we tried to follow the childrens interest using different materials and tools as well as excursions to places of interest. Short drop-in painting workshops at shopping malls. Guiding children at the Stockholm City Museum and working in their workshops for children. Finally working at Rum för Barn at the Culturehouse In Stockholm where children age 1-13 can come and paint and work with different materials. During these years I took some courses in Educational Science and Group Dynamics at the University. In 2000 I built a large sculpture exhibition for children together with Maria Udd. As a part of Bergen City of Culture 2000 we built a landscape at Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum in Bergen. A landscape that everyone could explore with their bodies.

Teaching at School of Arts and Crafts

2002-2008 I had a parttime teaching position at Nyckelviksskolan, A School of art, craft and design founded in 1955, Nyckelviksskolan offers courses in art, crafts and design together with professional training courses for specialist craft tutors. In the true tradition of Nordic design education, the school promotes artistic development with a focus on materials and techniques. I was one of two responsible teachers for the one year course Textile Design & Craft and held a weavingcourse for the specialist art tutors. Since 2008 I have visted the school as a guest teacher.

Lecturing at Universities

The last years I have lectured at  Stenebyskolan The School of Craft and Design – Sweden,  Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture – Helsinki, Finland. Bergen National Academy of the Arts – Norway. National Art Academy – Hangzhou, China. Other times I gave speeches in connection to exhibitions  or in my studio for visiting groups of people.



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