Risør Kunstpark 13/7 – 30/9 2012

galleryPhotos of my work by Liv Øvland

The exhibition ¨MOVEMENT¨ – Nordic Dialogue at Risør Kunstpark – is an exhibition that want to create a dialogue between Art and Arts & Crafts in the Nordic Countries.

Movement and balance in ”MOVEMENT”- Nordic Dialogue will show works of art that touch, which get us thinking, surprise us and show us what is possible when you master your medium and the possiblities of your materials. Art let us dream, think and experience.

Participating artists:

Astrid Krogh(Denmark), Ulrika Berge (Sweden), Maiju Ahlgren(Finland), Moosa Myllykangas(Finland), Sidsel Palmstrøm(Norway), Tora Endestad Bjørkheim(Norway), Ingunn Birkeland(Norway), Elise Hatlø(Norway) og Anna Talbot(Norway).      

Curated by Sari Syvaluoma




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