Relationship as motion

Good ViewsIn 2005 I had a soloshow at Textilia, a Gallery for Contemporary Textile Art run by Anita Eneroth in Gothenburg, Sweden. For years I had been working with Selfportraits and now I wanted to take it one step further and explore selfportraits in relation to another person. I saw a Relationship as Movement. You can move together, move apart, simultanously, out of time, etcetera. This was my starting point.

I ended up with ten Selfportraits with Lover (50 x 50cm). While working I studied the lines and expressions of my own face, and that of my loved one. The title of the picture above is Great Expectations.

When hanging the exhibition I suddenly realised I had used emotions from my own life, not those that I am aware of but those that stir beneath the surface. I stood there and looked at my life on the walls of the Gallery. I forgot to take photos.

At the Vernissage I realised that other people see themselves. They gave me many stories from their lives that day.



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  1. Ole

    Hi Ulrika

    I got this for my wife on our wedding anniversary years ago, and it has been hanging on our wall ever since. We both love it because of its beauty and delicacy – and maybe also because we see ourselves in it. 
    So, here is a photo now that you forgot to take it. I hope to see the rest some day. 


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