Motus Artificalis

In 2012 I got funding from Konstnärsnämnden to explore how sculptures can evolve using motors and mechanics. Several experiments has been going on since then. Most of them small scale. But when I met the creative multitechnician Isak Nordell  a larger work started to grow MOTUS ARTIFICALIS. The very first version was shown at Dalslands Konstmuseum in 2014, later reworked to the piece shown here.


Five flowers are connected through a network of roots and cables. Like humans they shift between different ways of being: They turn inwards, close as buds, drawing energy from inside, retreating – or they open wide, available for impressions, blossom with full expression. Life is a dance with different rythms, we turn inward or outward or keep our focus on both at the same time.

motus artificalis

They can turn their head, to see what is going on, maybe they turn towards you! 

It is intresting how easily we read somthing as alive. Turning your head gives an impression of intention.

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