Feeling – Thinking

Feeling Thinking
Feeling – Thinking. Drawing in air. Sewing thread. 20 x 14 cm.
For the soloshow NETWORK at Vestfold Art Center in 2004 I did an installation of my social network. Small portaits in white sewing-thread of family, friends, students and collegues covered the walls. Embroideries mounted on needles to get a distance from the wall. At a first glance, when coming into the room, the shadows were more obvious then the actual artwork. It looked as if there were drawings directly on the wall. When walking closer one noticed the small lacelike portraits in the air in front of the walls. There was a play of light and shadow. What is real and what is not real?

Do we see what is really there or simply a reflection?

The exhibition was hard to photograph as a camera functions differently than the eyes. The picture above was made for the invitation card. It is the sun that gives this strong shadow.

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