Adventitious Plants

Adventive Plants Detail

They left their normal biotope and came here. I don´t know why they left – if they had a choice. Does it matter? If it was no space left there or if it was their dream about here. Dreams can get you far if you are brave enough to walk into the unknown. Bring some friends if you want to play on your way. Friends make life easier.

Maybe some seeds flew with the wind. Things like that can happen. The world is changing. These days. They adjusted in the Gallery, took over the place, integrated. They will spread from this point. They are in transition. In the gap between what was and what will be. They search for a new life. They will adjust once more – in your home – if you let them.

Study them carefully. Like in this photo by Jenny Simm. Learn their technique. It will be useful as the world is changing.Adventive Plants




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