This is a self portrait that shows some of the things I always carry with me. Within.

I made this piece for the From Lausanne to Beijing. 4th International Fiber Art Biennale, Suzhou, China in 2006. I wanted to work with symbols in a personal way and used my own life as a starting point. As an artist, teacher, mother, lover with close friends – there was always many things going on in my life. I sometimes had a hard time keeping my life from falling apart. I sometimes found peace in the middle of everything. I wanted to integrate the contradictions in my life  in one piece.

I never explain what this work means. When a work is finished it has it´s own life, it leaves me and meet you. You can find your own meaning. I will help you with questions:

Does the kolibri whisper something in my ear or does it suck nectar from my head?

Is the couple on the head a trophy or do I have a hard job balancing them?






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