Relationship as motion

Good ViewsIn 2005 I had a soloshow at Textilia, a Gallery for Contemporary Textile Art run by Anita Eneroth in Gothenburg, Sweden. For years I had been working with Selfportraits and now I wanted to take it one step further and explore selfportraits in relation to another person. I saw a Relationship as Movement. You can move together, move apart, simultanously, out of time, etcetera. This was my starting point.

I ended up with ten Selfportraits with Lover (50 x 50cm). While working I studied the lines and expressions of my own face, and that of my loved one. The title of the picture above is Great Expectations.

When hanging the exhibition I suddenly realised I had used emotions from my own life, not those that I am aware of but those that stir beneath the surface. I stood there and looked at my life on the walls of the Gallery. I forgot to take photos.

At the Vernissage I realised that other people see themselves. They gave me many stories from their lives that day.



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