The Novel KAMELEN 25/9 2014

The 25th of septembre my novel KAMELEN will be published by Flugans Förlag, a micropublishing company I started this summer.

A Camel leaves the Caravan to set out on a journey into the desert. On her own. The decision to walk into nothing set things in motion. A stream of thoughts, feelings, memories and stories surface. In the desert there is time. Time to walk. Time to exist. Time to se oneself. Who am I?

It is an Novel about growth. An autobiography. A fable for adults.


So far only in swedish! Read the beginning here! Smakprov

For more information visit the homepage of Flugans Förlag

produktbild kamelen

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  1. Yvonne Ekelöf

    Jag tyckte mycket om bokens funderingar om livet, med svårigheter, humor , kärlek mm. Jag ska läsa den igen flera gånger.

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