Changing Fibres

Dancing Flowers

In 2009 I made my very first motordriven sculptures. Inspired by a course in mechanics and electronics for female artist run by my friend Harriet Aurell. Check her homepage for courses.

These simple ladies all have their own character due to the imbalance created by their bodies. They are my first employes. Floor cleaning crew…

New Book: Luftteckningar – Drawings In Air

New book about the work of Ulrika Berge. Physical copies can be ordered shortly.

Take three deep breaths while pdf is loading. Enjoy!


Puutarha/ Healing Garden Tammerfors University Hospital 4/11- 4/12 2016

s iiris rörs iiris rör blomma blomma

Healing Garden is an enchanting multidisciplinary art installation that takes place in Tampere University Hospital. Flowers that float in the air and gently running water build up a beautiful visual and aural landscape that dancers inhabit once in a while. You´re welcome to step in this world!

The installation is actualized by choreographer Noora Nenonen (FI), textile artist Ulrika Berge (SE) and sound artist Tatu Nenonen (FI) as part of Health Promotion week 2016. This multidisciplinary art brings one aspect to the discussion of the meaning and place of art in health care sector.

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You´re warmly welcome to experience this magical world!

Installation open: 4.11. – 4.12.2016
Dancers present: 7.11., 10.11., 15.11., 22.11
Location: Tampere University hospital (Teiskontie 35, 33520 Tampere, Finland), the foyer of A-building (entrance through R-building)
Free entrance

Consept and choreography: Noora Nenonen
Sculptures: Ulrika Berge
Sound desingn: Tatu Nenonen
Dance: Sini Saajakari, Nella Kaartinen, Iiris Hildén
Dressmaker: Inka Hahto / osk. Työhuone Hengari
Production: The Regional Dance Center of Pirkanmaa and Noora Nenonen

Supporters: Nordic Culture Point, Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland, City of Tampere
In co-operation with: Tays and Arts Promotion Center Finland

s tre står under blommas tre låga under blomma

Stareyed Flower, Very Fun Park, Taipei 25/7 – 20/9 2015

Beauty is an emotional response. We art touched in our heart. We enjoy.


I am happy to be invited to participate in Very Fun Park where I show 12 Stareyed Flowers.

To walk into a room where flowers dance with you is a joyful and meditative experience. Presence is the key. Your presence in the piece of art. Experiencing through your senses.

Kiruna City Hall, 5/11 – 9/12 2015

This year I was happy to recieve the Art Scholarship of the city of Kiruna !

Apart from honor and money I also got the possiblility of a large retroperspective in the City Hall of Kiruna. I show sculpture, mobiles, drawings in air, weaven paintings and animation. Drop by if you are up north.

The motivation from the jury captured something of the essence of my work:  "Ulrika Berges verk tar plats i rummet utan att tränga sig på. Åskådaren bjuds in i den spännande, men samtidigt lugnande oas som växtformerna bildar. Ett välkommet intrång i människovärlden."

Resilience in Kiruna


Motus Artificalis

In 2012 I got funding from Konstnärsnämnden to explore how sculptures can evolve using motors and mechanics. Several experiments has been going on since then. Most of them small scale. But when I met the creative multitechnician Isak Nordell  a larger work started to grow MOTUS ARTIFICALIS. The very first version was shown at Dalslands Konstmuseum in 2014, later reworked to the piece shown here.


Five flowers are connected through a network of roots and cables. Like humans they shift between different ways of being: They turn inwards, close as buds, drawing energy from inside, retreating – or they open wide, available for impressions, blossom with full expression. Life is a dance with different rythms, we turn inward or outward or keep our focus on both at the same time.

motus artificalis

They can turn their head, to see what is going on, maybe they turn towards you! 

It is intresting how easily we read somthing as alive. Turning your head gives an impression of intention.