Changing Fibres. Textile Art On the Edge. Museum of Textile Sweden 2009

galleryIn 2009 I was invited to take part at the exhibition Changing Fibres. Textile Art On the Edge at The Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden. The Nordic Council of the organization Nordic Textil Art organized the exhibition in cooperation with the Museum and invited 2 artist of each of the Nordic countries. Johanna Rosenqvist wrote for the catalogue:

"The exhibition Changing fibres presents ten artistic expressions of individual character that collectively function as an indicator of the fine art of balancing on the edge between tradition and innovation.

The artists’ statements together advocate rationality and emotion; tactility and thought; material and technique; nature and culture; the figurative and the nonfigurative; processes of subtraction and addition; innate and acquired knowledge, in works that appear as texts and installations as well as framed pieces and freestanding objects. These aspects are dualistic in nature rather than oppositional. And they correspond with the more specifically textile themes – like dressed or undressed – and actual material appearances in the exhibition – threads drawing contours; the feeling of skin against fabric; hands crocheting – which to a higher degree, but not exclusively, are genre-specific.

The textile fibre is being used as a node that connects and expands the scope of what to include – to find a position from which its possible to stroke against the fur – making, for example, the question of what is beautiful and well done in one context but not in another, not into a conflict betweens generations, but rather a dialogue.

Nordic Textile Art uses the network and the exhibition as venues in which to actually produce textile alongside texts and new contexts. This seems to me a viable means of communication in a multilingual field of practice, a means of simultaneously interpreting oneself."


If you want to read more check the article by Beatrijs Sterk from the magazine Textile Forum.



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